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At the UK Politics Brexit forum you can have your say about the Brexit debate, whether you are a leaver or a remainer if you want to be heard you must sign up, it's absolutely free. We also discuss UK and worldwide politics.Political forum

Many people get online and get sucked into political forum debates, where one side rails against another. Then the name calling starts and degradation spirals out of control from there. Eventually people no longer use their real name or identity and then they are suddenly emboldened by the anonymity to say things they would never in a million years say in public.

The sound and fury is fun to participate in, yet having been involved in these things and then finding out I am debating with an anonymous poster who resorts to name calling is not so much fun. Indeed one has to ask them selves; are you sure you wish to beat your head against the wall, with others who disagree with you? I have noticed attacks on my personal and actual observations when the other debaters have failed to observe themselves and then basically spout party-line politics for issues they no nothing about.

Politics are more of a hobby for me, just something fun to think on, I never get too worked up over any of it. People just do not know what I know and have not seen all I have seen, so I understand that. And trying to convince someone with a closed mind of anything is a wasteful activity. You may find yourself in such debate online and you will remember what I have said. We must all agree that there are important issues we MUST address as a Nation because our security and on-going efforts to maintain our civilization and better it are at stake. There are serious topics we can all discuss online and we have come to far to throw it all away or backtrack nowPolitical forum

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