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Mantras work on the following principles: Your present reality is a direct result of your thinking. Change your thinking, and your reality changes. Mantras can change your thinking.

Picture it something like this...everyone is invisibly radiating at all times. You are a like a radio transmitter. You constantly send and receive many signals per second. The fact is if you are alive, you are emanating a frequency, you are pulsating with life. We all have a signature frequency and that never changes. It is who you are. It is the very essence of your being. This signature frequency is translated into thoughts we send and receive every day. When your frequencies (thoughts) are bouncing all over the place you have chaos in your life. mantra menang dadu

Now this frequency can be modulated to produce results in your life that you desire. One of the very best, very simple, and positive way to do this is to use Mantras. To begin with you must identify an area of your life you would like to work on for example "overcoming the past". You may hold a belief in your mind like "I had a terrible childhood" or "my life is hard".

To overcome this limiting belief I would recommend working strongly with the seed sound mantra "Gum" which is pronounced just like the word gum in chewing gum. By using a mantra with intent you can overcome almost any limiting belief or condition at any time.

The right frame of mind for working with mantras is always overlooked. In order to benefit from a mantra you must be open to its potential benefits which will manifest regardless of belief. The energy of the mantra when used as a sound will allow neurological pathways to open up. Neurons in the brain will be created because you are learning something new. Scientific research now indicates that you can avoid certain diseases like Alzheimer's by learning something new like a language (or mantras) to help develop and maintain neural pathways.

Mantras also gain more power from the simple process of allowing. Allowing undermines resistance. It frees up the mental energies to be open and receive. Mantras also gain strength and potency from repetition. Frequent exposure to your mantra allows the mind to build memory and retention of the mantra. In time instead of random thoughts you start to "think" your mantra. At this point the mantras goal is to become automatic thought without effort.

Remember the adage "Persistence wears down Resistance"? This is always the case with mantras. Persistent use of mantras breaks down resistant patterns. I recommend that you work with a mantra for at least 40 days. After you have worked with a mantra for a little while "at least one 40 day cycle" release the mantra and let it go for a period of 21 days. You can either do another "40 day cycle" with the same mantra or you can now choose a different mantra to work with.

One last thing I wanted to let you know. I highly recommend working with the "Gum" seed sound mantra as the best starter and foundational mantra. The Gum seed sound opens up blocks. Allow the sound to nurture and produce fruitful results in your life. The sound of Gum purposely seeds the mind to let go of limiting thoughts and patterns and to also attune itself to a higher frequency. Letting go of old baggage is the best way to get a fresh start in life. A foundation built upon the Gum mantra energy is able to hold new life energies very effectively. menebak judi dadu

I used the Gum Mantra myself first with remarkable results. I let go of some extremely limiting and old beliefs and patterns. I had never before been able to identify those patterns in myself. However just like a flower unfolding its petals. I watched with amazement each pattern unfold itself in my mind and I was able to see what was blocking me for achieving my goals. While it was easy and fun it was also liberating. I got the results I intended to get and that in itself was worth every minute I spent working with this mantra.

I used a self help audio of the mantra downloaded to my mp3 player and listened but I find just listening to mantras was taking a long time to get the results I wanted. It is my hope that you too will get your own beneficial results and enjoy working with mantras as much as I have. I consider mantras to be the ultimate secret to success.

Archna Mehta - Remedial Solutions Expert. President and CEO of Vel Marketing LLC. Dedicated to finding innovative solutions using Spiritual Technologies like Mantras as Remedials (Remidials are spiritual technologies applied to resolve problems and issues in life).

A Practicing Shaman, Healer and Intuitive Reader, I have a great interest in working with technologies and methods that can help to heal,evolve the consciousness, and alleviate suffering.

Initiated by Guru Shivananda from the Himalayan Tradition of Mantra-Yoga, and Tantra into Mantra Chanting and by Guru Rama Mata into the practice of The Gayatri Mantra. Full Mesa Carrier in the Shamanic tradition from Healing the Lightbody School by Dr. Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society. Certified in the Past Life Regression (hypnosis) Technique by Dolores Cannon and Certified in Reconnective Healing by Dr.Eric Pearl. menang judi dadu koprok

My passion in life is to help people overcome their life struggles and challenges. I coach people in creating better lives for themselves through my intuitive readings and applying Spiritual Technologies.

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