sam sand dunes

A lot of tourists from all over the world come to Rajasthan every year to experience its old world charm, the grand legacy of its local customs and rituals and its pristine glory. But what is that one thing other than its spunky forts, majestic palaces and stupendous monuments that acts as a magnet and attracts visitors in bulk to this beautiful state of Rajasthan. May be the sand dunes ?? Yes that's right, it is the sand dunes of this magnificent desert state that compels visitors to come here. A hill of sand created by any gentle or strong gush of wind, is what Sand Dunes actually are. These calm sand structures silently reside 40-45 kms in to the deserts, away from the vegetation and hustle bustle of city life. They could be 3kms long, 1km wide and as much as half a kilometer high, the dunes are as treacherous as they are scenic. best camp in jaisalmer

The wind is the main source of forming sand dunes, in fact it is like a pen that sketches and erases figures, shapes and images from the canvas of dunes every next moment. These recurring forms and figures on the surface of dunes charm the tourists immensely. The Sand dunes are one of the most picturesque spots in perhaps the whole of western Rajasthan. They are best visited during the months of October to February when the heat is relatively less in the desert region of Rajasthan.

The best way to enjoy the dunes is to undertake a camel safari trip at the Sam sand dunes near Jaisalmer.The camel safari trip is well organised and the camel owners are well aware of the settings of the dunes in the desert. Tourists can be assured of enjoying the magic of dunes completely in the company of these guides. Rajasthan sand dunes camel safari are best equipped to bring to you the real encounter with the exotic Rajasthan. sam sand dunes

Evenings with the sun setting and nights are the best time to visit the dunes. Set against the moonlit sky the dunes form perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests that is absolutely mesmerising for its viewers. The silver rays of moon spread its radiance in the entire region thereby making the sand glow like an ornament, this picturesque view will surely sweep you off your feet. Adding to the magical charm of the atmosphere are the wonderful folk dance and music performance by the local artists.An overnight trip to the area is a must if you really want to enjoy all the sights and sounds of this place. Sleeping out in the open, stretched out on the sands while facing the twinkling sky is an out of the world experience. Many a tourist has fallen in love with the haunting beauty of the dunes - there is a definite aura of romance about it. jaisalmer desert safari

The Sand Dunes of Rajasthan deserts really come alive with a sound and light show during the desert festival around January-February. The gala spectacles of dance and music will reverberate in your ears long after you have heard it and will give you a spellbinding experience that will last forever.


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